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Sri Lankan President Attended the Sino-Sri Lankan
30/07/2014 08:40:10  CCPIT

On Feb 28, Mr. Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lankan, who was on a state visit to China, attended the Sino-Sri Lankan Economic & Trade and Tourism Seminar,  hosted the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). The President made a speech at the seminar. Over 300 entrepreneurs from both China and Sri Lanka were also present at the serminar.

President Rajapaksa addressed that Sri Lanka was now working hard on the construction of infrastructures such as power stations, sea ports, airports, highways, railways, new cities and water systems to better its investment environment, where there were fine labor resources. He emphasized that industries such as electric power, electronics, highway, housing, infrastructure construction, light-industry product manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries, motor vehicle, motorcycle, three-wheel auto vehicle assembly, fabric production and telecommunications had been opened to Chinese merchants.

Wan Jifei, Chairman of the CCPIT, gave a big welcome to President Rajapaksa for his presence at the serminar.on behalf of the Chinese industrial and commercial circles. He expressed the close attention the Chinese commercial circle pay to the market of Sri Lanka in recent years, when sound development of trade between China and Sri Lanka has maintained a favorable increase. The Sri Lankan Entrepreneur Delegation accompanying the President to China had a direct communication with their Chinese counterparts and brought a valuable opportunity for the deep-going bilateral cooperation.

President Rajapakas was invited by President Hu Jintao to have a state visit to China. The economic and trade delegation accompanying him consists of 70 entrepreneurs from the tourism, electronics, automotive, railway, infrastructure and power industries as well as a number of ministers from the ministries of Diplomacy, Petrol, Investment, Telecommunication and Tourism.

Entrepreneurs from both sides shared their views on the economic and trade cooperation in the fields of trade, investment and tourism.

In recent years, China and Sri Lanka have been developing a sound relationship with the bilateral trade and investment increasing continuously. In the year of 2006, the bilateral trade volume between the two countries reached $1.14 billion, with an increase of 16.9% compared to that of the year before. By Sep 2006, China had invest ed $22.58 million to Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka 35.2 million to China. Besides, they had a larger scope of communication and cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, education and aviation. From January to Febuary in the year of 2006, 6.8 million Chinese people went to Sri Lanka, with an increase of 86.5% compared to the number of the same period of the year before.

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