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China Fashion Fair Held in Japan, CCPIT Vice Chairman Wang Jinzhen Attended
30/07/2014 08:40:10  CCPIT
From March 28th to 30th 2007, China Fashion Fair was held in OMM Expo Center in Osaka, which was co-sponsored by CCPIT and China Textile Corporation.

At the opening ceremony on March 28th, those who cut the ribbon were Wang Jinzhen, vice chairman of CCPIT; Li Lingmin, vice president of China Textile Corporation; Luo Tianguang, Chinese consul-general at Osaka; Akio Tanii, chairman of Japan-China Economy and Trade Center; Binrou Kodutumideputy secretary of Osaka Tourism Bureau, who represented the Osaka province; and Hakuno Abe, councilor of Osaka Economy Bureau, who represented the Osaka city. About 60 people have attended the ceremony, including government officials in Osaka area, representatives in business organizations and institutions, media journalists, as well as members from Chinese enterprises in Japan.

On behalf of the organizer of this fair, Wang Jinzhen delivered an opening speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that, the economic and trade patterns in China and Japan have been to a great extent complementary to each other, indicating great potential for bilateral cooperation. By holding this exhibition, it has been the very intention of CCPIT to further deepen mutual understanding and to promote bilateral economic cooperation, especially in the area of textile and fashion industry, as well as to build upon on-going development of healthy and stable Sino-Japanese trade relations.

In his speech, Luo Tianguang, Chinese consul-general at Osaka spoke highly of this exhibition. He believed this exhibition would contribute to sustainable and healthy Sino-Japanese trade relations, which coincided with the 35th anniversary of normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations and also preceded Premier Wen Jiabao’s up-coming visit to Japan. The press conference for the China Fashion Fair began at 11:00 on March 28th, in No.1 conference room on the 2nd floor of OMM Expo Center. Wang Jinzhen and Li Lingmin also attended the press conference. Nearly 30 media journalists attended, including those from textile related Japanese Fiber Newspaper, Fiber Research Newspaper, Fiber NEWS and Textile Economy Newspaper, as well as reporters from Japan NHK Television and Osaka Television.

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