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China Pavilion of 2008 Zaragoza World Expo officially Engaged 23 Experts as Councilors
30/07/2014 08:40:10  CCPIT

On Mar 20, the engaging ceremony for members of the expert committee for the China Pavilion of 2008 Zaragoza World Expo was held at the CCPIT. Wan Jifei, Chairman of the CCPIT, along with Hu Siyi, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources and other officials from the organizing committee attended and addressed the ceremony.

With the aim of doing well in the organization work, co-established by the CCPIT and the Ministry of Water Resources, the Organizing Committee of the 2008 Zaragoza World Expo engaged 23 experts from the relevant fields such as water resources, environment, philosophy, architecture, art, world expo and exposition to form the expert committee for the China Pavilion, who will be providing instructions and supports at the different stages of the preparation.

Chairman Wan Jifei emphasized in his address that the 2008 Zaragoza World-Expo was the last one before the 2010 Shanghai World-Expo to be held in our country; therefore it was of great significance for the improving of our international image and the creating of excellent atmosphere for the 2010 Shanghai World-Expo, if we succeed in organizing and exposition. He also said that the CCPIT had attached importance to its honorable task to go to Zaragoza on behalf of our country. In accordance with the characteristics of the 2008 World-Expo, the CCPIT and the Ministry of Water Resources co-established the organizing committee for the China Pavilion to be in charge of the preparation work.

Chairman Wan also said that it was a huge systematic project, concerning wide range of fields and professional knowledge and skills required, so it called for various circle in society, especially experts from various fields to join in. The organizing committee would pay close attention to the use of which they make those experts to draw on collective wisdom and contribute to the successful and brilliant display of the China Pavilion.

Hu Siyi, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources and Director of the Instructing Committee for the China Pavilion, stated that the Ministry of Water Resources attached importance to the preparation of the China Pavilion of the 2008 Zaragoza World-Expo. With the theme of “Water and Sustainable Development”, the 2008 Zaragoza World-Expo embodies the close attention the international society pay to the water issue. China is a developing country in urgent need of water resources and frequently suffering from the drought-flood disasters. It is always a weighty task for China to boost water resources projects and fight against the water disasters. China has a long history of water-control and rich water culture, and has obtained wide acceptance and acclimation from the international society for its achievement in water-control, the philosophy of maintaining a harmonious relationship between people and water as well as the sustainable use of water resources. So the Zaragoza World-Expo will be an important opportunity for China to display its achievement in water-control and spread out its experience. The Ministry of Water Resources will as always provide great support for the preparation of the China Pavilion.

Cai Guofeng, Director of the exhibition department with the CCPIT, hosted the ceremony and announced the list of member of the expert committee for the China Pavilion and their responsibilities. Chairman Wan Jifei, Vice-Minister Hu Siyi and other officials from the instructing committee awarded the certificates to the experts present and they were taken photographs of together.

After the ceremony, the evaluation group on the display scheme of the China Pavilion initiated the evaluation task.

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