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China International Import Expo (CIE2012)
30/07/2014 08:40:10  CCOIC & CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council
 To all Italian exporters
Dear Sir or Madam:
China International Import Expo (CIE 2012), hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, will be held from March 29 to 31, 2012 in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China. As the first national-level import expo in China, CIE 2012 will provide perfect opportunities for you to explore, market and publicize your products and technologies in China, especially in such fields as technical equipment, information technology, environmentally-friendly industry and brand consumer goods. Exhibitors can acquire the latest industry information, meet new trade contacts and start business ventures to establish their market lead in China through various programs including summit forums, seminars, pre-matchmaking, etc. during the expo.
We hereby sincerely invite you to attend CIE 2012, You are welcome to passionate Kunshan, the vigorous Yangtze River Delta, and open China!
China Chamber of International Commerce
May 2011
China International Import Expo (CIE2012)
General Information
1. Expo Name: China International Import Expo
2. Date: March 29-31, 2012
3. Venue: Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Centre, Jiangsu Province, China
4. Organization
Hosted by:
China Chamber of International Commerce
Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government
Organized by:
Secretariat of China Chamber of International Commerce
Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Sub-council
The People’s Government of Suzhou City
The People’s Government of Kunshan City
Undertaken by:
Secretariat of China Chamber of International Commerce
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Sub-council
5. Expected exhibiting space: about 50 thousand square meters.
6. Conferences during the expo:
a. International Summit Forum
Heads of international chambers of commerce and associations, leaders in the Chinese and foreign business circles, representatives of well-known enterprises and academics will share with attendees about the latest ideas, approaches and opportunities in global trade.
b. Seminars and Lectures
Seminars and lectures will be held on such topics as how to exert the important role of import in the macroeconomic balance and economic restructuring of China, how to promote the basic balance between trade earnings and expenditures,etc.
c. New Product Recommendation
New product recommendation will gives exhibitors the opportunity to introduce their products and services to Chinese importers and end users.
Who to exhibit
This expo will mainly exhibit those products and technologies in the key fields in which have great demands in Chinese market in the following five years.
Sector 1 Advanced technology and equipment
Metal-cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, nontraditional machining tools and equipment, testing and measuring equipment, numerical control system and equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, rail transport technologies and equipment, digital display devices and machine-tool electrical appliance, machine tool parts and components and auxiliary equipment, abrasive material and tools and technologies, cutters, clamping apparatus and relevant products, etc.;
Sector 2 Information Technology
Communication and networking products, industrial automation information technology and software, integrated circuit and electronic components, information safety, power sources and relevant products, e-commerce, high-performance computer software and hardware, new-type displays, latest digital communication equipment, sensor and technology and other relevant products, display and audio-visual products, safety monitoring equipment, electronic manufacturing equipment, etc.
Sector 3 Environmentally-friendly technology equipment, new materials and other high-tech products;
The technology and equipment for processing and recycling wastes, the technology and equipment for processing water, the technology and equipment for saving energy, and the technology and equipment for preventing and controlling air pollution, new-energy technology and equipment, and the technology and equipment for the comprehensive utilization in the recycled economy and resource regeneration, etc. the equipment and technology of material production; new material and composite material; new-energy material; chemical and macromolecular new material, electronic information material, etc. other high-tech products.
Sector 4 Brand consumer goods:
Various types of brand cosmetics, costumes, jewellery, timekeepers, gifts, wines, etc.
Why CIE 2012
1. The first national level import expo hosted by the authoritative organization in China.
Hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government.CIE 2012 is the first national level import expo and aims to promote and expand the import of foreign products and technologies.
2. Strong promotion networks bring numerous qualified Chinese importers.
Advertisements and press release in major Chinese economic newspapers, magazines and TVs, including CCTV, The Finance Channel of Shanghai Broadcasting and TV Station, China Daily, Economic Daily, the Economic Report of the 21st Century Economic Reference, the First Finance Daily, etc. E-newsletter, DM, flyers and tickets sent regularly to over 100,000 Chinese importers and buyers in the official database. CIE 2012 is your best way to make acquaintance with qualified Chinese importers.
3. Pre-matchmaking, site visits and free storage for exhibits services (for half a year after the expo) to ensure your success in CIE 2012.
Through strong networks of China Chamber of International Commerce and free information release on official website, pre-matchmaking service will help you find your potential importers before the expo. If you intend to invest in Jiangsu, China, we will help you arrange a visiting tour to local industrial parks or enterprises. After the expo, your exhibits which are not sold on the spot can be stored in the warehouse of Kunshan Comprehensive Bonded Area free of charge for half a year, during which you may still find your importers and buyers.
4. Best place to learn the latest trends and policies in Chinese import market.
The summit forum and seminars during expo will give you a unique opportunity to listen to the keynote speeches from government officials, senior executives of both Chinese and foreign corporations and experts. Key topics will include the trend of Chinese import market, related policies and strategies to explore Chinese market, etc.
5. Increase your name and brand recognition in China
CIE 2012 provides lots of opportunities for you to expand your influence in China through advertisements in the expo catalogue, website and onsite banners and other sponsorship opportunities.
Contact Us
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