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About us
18/03/2016 09:02:07  CCPIT Canada

Established in 1989, CCPIT and CCOIC Representative Office in Canada is to promote trade, investment, economic and technological cooperation between China and Canada, and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Canadian people particularly from the economic and trade circles, according to laws and regulations and government policies of the P.R.C., and in line with international practice.

It is one of the 16 overseas representative offices of CCPIT around the world. We provide main services as follows:

◇ To provide business communities both in China and Canada with trade and economic information.

◇ To provide consulting service in the field of market profile, exhibition, trade mission, trademark and patent, economic and legal affairs and other related sectors.

◇ To receive the visiting delegations or missions from China and organize seminars, symposium, meetings and other related events.

◇ To assist Chinese and Canadian companies in seeking cooperation on joint ventures, partnerships, technology exchanges, etc.

◇ To coordinate and arrange individual business meeting for Chinese and Canadian companies sharing common business interests.

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