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Chinese Company Seeking Cooperation
30/07/2014 08:40:10  
New GMP has been issued in China, and many pharmaceutical enterprises are and will be upgrading equipments accordingly. Meanwhile, mills in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, fine chemical industries, are seeking FDA validation. Shandong Huge Water Technology Co. Ltd, (Shandong Huge for short) now is engaging in development of sterile heat exchangers.
According to new GMP and FDA, the sterile heat exchanger must have double tubesheet structure, and the tube surface smoothness must reach 0.52um. Therefore, Shandong Huge now is facing two technical roadblocks:
1.     How to connect tube with two tubesheets?
2.     How to dispose the inner surface of tubes?
These two issues are based on correspondent GMP and FDA disciplines.
Moreover, Shandong Huge needs some other assistance in structure improvement, so as to streamline material flow as well as heat exchange efficiency.
This company is looking for correspondent firms or experts to cooperate on the key issue.
Mr. Hou Xinwei
Shandong Huge Water Technology Co., Ltd
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