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CCPIT Released 2006 China Development Report of Expo Economy
30/07/2014 08:40:10  CCPIT

On January 15, China Council for Promotion of the International Trade (CCPIT) officially released the 2006 China Development Report of Expo Economy at the Third China Expo Forum for International Co-operationCEFIC. The report makes a systematic review and a comprehensive analysis of the trend and features of the 2006 China’s expo industry, including policy supervision and administration, opening-up, regional development and market features. It says that phenomenon such as deeper awareness of IPR protection in expo industry,  the west and middle regions’ hot positions for new exhibition halls and centers, multinational corporations’ co-operation with the excellent expo-resources and so on have become the new development situation of China’ s expo-industry. This report is the third report CCPIT has consecutively released since the first CEFCO in 2004.


When introducing the report, Wang Jinzhen, Vice-chairman of the CCPIT, taking the most important events as clues, summarized seven features of the macro-trend of China’s expo-industry:


IPR protection became the hot topic and regulations of industries were well made. In the year 2006, the central government and the local governments successively enacted a series of policies, laws and regulations, aiming at helping, promoting and regulating the expo-industry, among which the legislation of IPR protection became the hot topic for the year.


The construction of exhibition halls and centers bore a structural shift- the west and middle regions became the new popular locations. In the year 2006, the east developed regions faced an apparent decrease in new projects, quite a few of which just continued the previous projects for the second phase, while the west and middle gained a considerable increase of the construction work, of which Xi’an and Wuhan were the most impressive cities considering the building of new exhibition halls and centers.


Multinational corporations considered cooperating with Chinese excellent expo-resources as the new way of developing their Chinese business. In the year 2006, seen from the international co-operation events, the internationalization of China’s expo-industry was consecutively deepened. Not only great powers like the US, Germany and Italy went on with their previous strategies of establishing branches, joint-venture corporations and deputy agencies in China, but also more and more multinational corporations shifted their focus on entering the Chinese market to co-operation with the domestic expo-enterprises possessing excellent expo-resources.


Regional co-operations became common practice and fields of co-operation were expanded. In the year 2006, cities set off a new upsurge of co-operation. The co-operation went deep into a set of exhibitions, management of the exhibition halls and centers, educational trainings and so on.


Activities within the expo-industry were of great number and high levels, spreading from home to countries and regions around. In the year 2006, activities within the industry were amazingly brisk, with the features of large number, high level and expansion to the around countries and regions.


Educational trainings developed swiftly and professional qualification training became the hot topic. In the year 2006, expo educational training gained a steady development. Discussions and communications within the industry were further carried.


Organizations of the industry achieved a steady development and new organizations appeared with researches, education and training as their main tasks. In the year 2006, the expo-industry organizations developed steadily with four new ones coming into being. These organizations included not only branches of international expo-organizations, but also national and regional industry organizations.


The related person in-charge said that the report combined macro-expositions and micro-comments of each industry, region and city, to make a fundamental evaluation or summary of the development of China’s exhibition industry and expo-industry, which released some latest statistics numbers with the expo industry and statistic percentage index of its influence on national economy. Compared with the 2005 report, the 2006 one increased the number of market survey samples (the number of 2006 was triple of that of 2005), and expanded the region scope of researches. In 2006, in the regional market, the city of Fuzhou was added to the list of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou of 2005, making the research results credible and scientific.


As well as reviewing and evaluating the basic situation and development trend of the 2006 China’s expo-industry in a macroscopic way, the report revealed the features of the expo-industry from the view of market micro-operation.


According to the survey of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou these three typical expo cities, the report summed up the operational features of the 2006 China’s expo-market in the respect of total number of exhibitions, centralization of expo-industries, qualities of exhibitors, degree of exhibitors’ satisfaction and professional audience, composition of exhibiting enterprises and source of audience. The total number of exhibitions decreased but the distributed proportion of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou remained stable. The centralization of exhibition industries was of quite a high level and the attracting exhibitions of a city were with features corresponding to the social and economic features of the city. Exhibitions were attached great importance to by more and more enterprises, the management levels of whose exhibitors turned out higher. The market was regulated step by step, arousing the satisfaction of exhibitors and professional audience. Civilly-run enterprises took up half of all the exhibiting seats while small and medium enterprises were the main source of professional audience. In organizing and marketing the Internet played a more and more important role


Wang Jinzhen predicted that on the condition that the macro-economy kept growing in a sustained and rapid way, China’s expo-industry would be accelerated to fully participate in the market, especially the international market and take the co-existing opportunities and challenges. He also said that the fourth CEFCO would be held in the city of Chengdu in the January of 2008, when the CCPIT, UFI, IAEE and SISO would cooperate again and endeavor to make the CEFCO a branded forum in the world expo-industry.  

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