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Yohei Kono Had a Successful Visit to China
31/07/2015 16:37:59  CCPIT

Invited by CCPIT, the Japanese party headed by Yohei Kono, who is the president of the Association for the Promotion of the International Trade, Japan (JAPIT), and also Speaker of the Japanese House of Representatives, made a visit to Beijing from December 25 to December 27. The party was received by our state leaders President Hu Jintao, Chairman of the SCNPC Wu Bangguo, Vice President Zeng Qinghong and State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan.


On the afternoon of December 25, accompanied by Wan Jifei, Chairman of the CCPIT, State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan met with Yohei Kono and the other members of the party. Councilor Tang Jiaxuan made three proposals on the strengthening and development of Sino-Japanese relationship –to maintain the favorable trend of exchange of high level leaders; to handle the sensitive issues such as the history and Taiwan in an appropriate way; to expend and deepen the cooperation in various fields between China and Japan. Tang also gave an introduction of the situation of the Six-Party Talks raising Japan’s concern. The tow parties had a friendly and honest talk.


In the evening, Chairman Wan Jifei hosted a welcoming banquet for Yohei Kono and his party. In his address, Wan highly valued the contributions made by the JAPIT and its chairmen of different times to maintain and develop economic and trade co-operation as well as friendship. Speaker Kono and his party’s visit this time has draw great attention from the Chinese government and all fields at both home and abroad, said Chairman Wan. In the two days of the visit, President Hu Jintao and three other state leaders would meet with Yohei Kono and his party, which fully indicated the consistent attitude of the Chinese government of paying close attention to the Sino-Japanese relationship and its firm resolution of enhancing all-round and sound development of the relationship.


Chairman Wan said that the next year was the 35 year anniversary for the normalizing of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relationship. He hoped that China and Japan would be standing at the new starting point of history and would carry on the fine tradition of strengthening the political ties through economic cooperation and official contacts through non-governmental activities. To accomplish this goal, Wan said that the Chinese must make the best of the special role that non-governmental economic organizations played and build a more consolidated tie between China and Japan.


Vice-chairman of the CCPIT Yu Ping accompanied Wan to the banquet. Also Present were officials in charge of the Department of Asian Affairs of both Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce as well as China-Japan Friendship Association on the side of China, and Mr. Nishimiya Shinichi, Minister of the Japanese Embassy as well as the representatives in Beijing from the friendly Japanese economic and trade communities such as JETRO, Japan-China Economic Association, JCCI on the side of Japan.


On the morning of December 26, accompanied by Chairman Wan Jifei of the CCPIT, Chairman of the SENPC Wu Bangguo met with Yohei Kono and his party in the People’s Conference Hall. Chairman Wu gave a warm welcome to Yohei Kono and his party. He thought highly of the mechanism of regular exchange of opinions between China and Japan. He also expressed his expectation of more cooperation between CCPIT and JAPIT to further develop the Sino-Japanese economic and trade relationship.


At the noon time, Vice-chairman Yu Ping of the CCPIT attended the welcoming banquet hosted by Song Jian, Chairman of the China-Japan Friendship Association.


In the afternoon, accompanied by Chairman Wan Jjfei, President Hu Jintao met with Yohei Kono and his party. President Hu expressed his welcome to Yohei Kono’s takeing office of the chairman of JAPIT and made five proposals on realization of the sound and stable development of the Sino-Japan relationship-to promote political mutual trust through the exchange of high level leaders; to carry out practical and effective implementation of the three political papers including the Sino-Japanese Joint Communiqué and handle the sensitive issues between the two countries in an appropriate way; to put the common ideas reached by both sides into practice conscientiously; to expand the exchange of people, especially youngsters of the two countries; to reinforce the coordination of actions between China and Japan in regional and international affairs. The two sides also exchange opinions on the issues of Six-Parry Talks, environment protection and the rural and regional economy development.


Later in the afternoon, accompanied by Chairman Wan Jifei, Vice President Zeng Qinghong met with Yohei Kono and his party. Zeng highly valued the vigorous contributions made by Kono to the maintenance and strengthening of Sino-Japan friendship. The two sides exchanged the ideas of developing Sino-Japanese relationship and of political party contact by such means as the exchange of delegation of young officials.


Also present at the meetings above were the concerned heads and officials in charge of regional affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Standing Committee of the NPC and International Liaison Department, CCCPC.


This visit has achieved great success and has been highly thought of and paid close attention to by the China and Japan together with the international society, giving a powerful push to the development of economic and trade contacts as well as political relationship between China and Japan, and enhancing the cooperation between CCPIT and JAPIT.

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