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Welcome to China Mining Investment Symposium 2016 (March 7, 2016 Toronto)!
23/01/2016 05:28:04  Canada China Chamber of Commerce

      The China Mining Investment Symposium is co-organized by the Canada China Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) and China Mining Association (CMA) in the 4th consecutive year, associated with Beijing International Mining City for the 2016 event. Concurrently taking place with PDAC Convention 2016, the symposium is well known and widely recognized. This symposium will be a half day event focusing on many aspects of Chinese investment in the slumping global mining industry and commodity markets, such as investment strategies, investment patterns, investment project determination and investment Know-how, etc. The goal of the symposium is to share investment experience with the Chinese investors and to explore feasible investment strategies tailored for Chinese mining investors.

      Time:  March 7, 2016 13:00 - 20:00
      Venue: Dominion Ballroom, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
              123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9

      Besides keynote speeches addressed by Chinese and Canadian VIP speakers on the above-mentioned subjects, 2 panels will be held during the symposium:

      Panel 1: Investment strategies and patterns
      Panel 1 will focus on investment goals ( why to invest ) and investment patterns ( how to invest) . (A) In the slumping global mining market, many Chinese investors intend to start bottom-fishing. How to invest rationally after comprehensive investment risk and return evaluation? How to face the bottom-fishing trend? Canadian mining professionals and experienced Chinese entrepreneurs will share their views and comments. (B) Investment strategies will directly influence investment patterns. There are many flexible combinations of investment and acquisition in Canada, including equity or asset acquisition, public listed company acquisition, joint venture and equity participation, debt/service equity swap, a liquidation or CCAA takeover, mining right option (to acquire the right to choose), and associated with royalty or underwriting protocol transaction combination. The VIP speakers are welcomed to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of various acquisition combinations.

      Panel 2: Investment Know-how and Investment Project Determination
      Panel 2 will focus on investment procedures and operations. For example, (A) Canadian mining regulations is quite different from the Chinese ones in many aspects, such as exploration, mining, environmental protection, labor, the first nation, technical standards and legal supervision, etc. (B) Mining investors in Canada have to take many particular matters into consideration, such as mining rights, project cost, infrastructure, environmental protection standards, the first nation coordination, project management, social responsibility, localization, capital market, PR crisis, etc. (C) How to make the right project determination? (D) Other successful stories and useful lessons learned. It would be better if the VIP guest speaker conduct their conclusions from real cases.    

      Please kindly find the attached [AGENDA] and [REGISTRATION FORM] . Anyone who wants to participate in the symposium, please fill out the [REGISTRATION FORM] and send it back to us as soon as possible:

              Ms. Lin ZHU,  email: zhulin@ccpit.org or  fax:416-363-0152

      Ms. Vivien FANG,  email: fangfang@ccpit.org or  fax:416-363-0152

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