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China-Australia “Feature Film - Development Investment” Opportunity

Published on 2017-01-24

Lesley Hammond and Jenny Walsh are the principals of LJM Productions Pty. Ltd. which they founded in 1990. They are amongst Australia’s most experienced film, television, digital content and live theatre producers with a collective background of over 60 years. LJM has produced many screen projects across a variety of genres for the worldwide market.

They have made many internationally successful television specials and a feature film in China over the past 25 years, filming in eight provinces and also in the Autonomous Region of Tibet. As a result of their extensive filming experience in China they have developed a long standing-relationship with the Chinese Government’s film co-production department, China Film Co-Production Corporation.

LJM is strongly placed in the world market and has a US associate based in LA who is one of the most senior film and television executives in Hollywood, having produced some of the most iconic entertainment in the US over many years.  Jenny and Lesley regularly attend major international film markets including the American Film Market and the Cannes Film Festival and Marche.

LJM Productions currently has a slate of theatrical feature films in various stages of development. They are all popular genre films set in China. These productions will grow further LJM’S long and strong relationship with China, working together with Chinese co-production partners in building a bridge to the worldwide commercial screen entertainment market with Chinese culture and stories, making good movies to match the market.

Attached document is the overview of this project.

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