Greens Germany GmbH and the Products

Published on 2014-09-23

The purpose of Greens Germany GmbH is to supply products of superior quality from China to the European market. This includes naturally cultivated green tea and coffee beans. Since 2012, Greens Germany GmbH becomes a member of the German Coffee Association (Deutscher Kaffeverband) otherwise known as the DKV at which experiences in the green bean, instant coffee and coffee packaging sector are exchanged.


Guizhou is a region little explored by the European market, however, Greens Germany GmbH makes it possible to purchase products from this area under superb quality and natural cultivation, of which is morally and traditionally conceived. Not to mention, Greens Germany GmbH also offers coffee green beans and coffee powder with excellent quality, excavated from the Yunnan region in China.

We are constantly looking for new sales partners and distributors for our tea in Europe, for example in Germany, in the UK, in France, in the Netherlands etc. If you want to supply your customers with Emerail tea, we make you an individual offer and support you with a number of promotive activities. Just contact us and find out about the numerous possibilities of Emerail.


Greens Germany GmbH

Kastanienallee 46

D-38104 Braunschweig, Germany