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Australian Queen Bee Line

Published on 2016-07-07

Australian Queen Bee Line is locally based in Orange, NSW. The business was established since 2005 by Ms Brenda Casido and her husband Charlie Casido who have the expertise in beekeeping.

They started from a swarm hive and later on multiplied into 10's, 100's, 1,000's and now the company has 3,500 hives for honey production and pollination services. Then have have 6,000 nucleus hives for queen bee breeding production that they are supplying local and international market like Canada, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq & the Philippines. The company has many range of high premium quality products like honey, honeycomb, pollen, royal jelly and others. At the moment, the company has a large volume of different products of 2 big container vans full of honeycomb and around 30,000 tons of honey. The company is really hoping to find reliable buyers for the products. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Ms Brenda Casido.